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We retained Joanne’s copy writing services for our website development project to ensure that our web copy was friendly and conversational, and presented in a consistent way.

Joanne was quick to grasp the content strategy for our new website and met our requirements for tone and style. She tackled revising over thirty program descriptions and was able to transform clinical information into clear and everyday language that spoke to our primary audience.

Joanne followed direction well and asked for clarification when needed. She was also insightful and contributed great ideas for our core pages. We were able to rely on her to submit material in a timely manner.

We are pleased to recommend Joanne for her professionalism, flexibility, and writing talent.

Michelle Bake-Murphy
Communications and Fundraising Co-ordinator
Woodview Mental Health and Autism Services

Cindy I'Anson

Executive Director, Woodview Mental Health and Autism Services

To know Joanne Walmsley is to be captivated by her. She is a renaissance woman, a management and writing professional with a creative soul that informs her career, resulting in unique and engaging work. Joanne has strong communication and problem-solving skills and her experience in the corporate, partnership and education streams would be an asset to any organization.

Joanne would be ideal for presentation and workshop needs. Her teaching style is one of collaboration and success-building, respectful to her audience and encouraging engagement at every level. I have known Joanne for many years and have had the benefit of working alongside her through many successful endeavours. She brings people together in a way that benefits all participants.

Jane Allison

Public Relations Professional, Dovetail Community

Joanne Walmsley played a pivotal role in my writing career as she acted as an editor and mentor. Her professionalism and experience guided my skills as a writer whilst growing a fanbase for my books. In addition, Joanne supported me as I developed a brand and business for my stories. Joanne’s kind, open-minded, yet structured guidance has been appreciated and welcomed since we met ten years ago.
Chris Francis

Educator / Author and illustrator, Halton District School Board / Francis Art

Joanne was a ground-breaking Outreach Coordinator and is remembered for her professional writing ability, her relationship-building skills and her personal authenticity.
Jane Morreale

Communications Manager, Tandia Financial Credit Union

Joanne is a creative and insightful writer and editor. She worked with me to edit and serialize two of my books. Her collaborative approach, supportive and encouraging manner and out-of-the-box creative ideas helped me make my books the best they could be. Joanne also developed top notch educational curriculum to accompany my books.

I recommend Joanne unequivocally to anyone interested in working with an individual who approaches writing and editorial tasks with a high level of commitment, professionalism and insight!

Margaret Fraser

Author and Illustrator

I have worked closely with Joanne for more than 15 years on a Pulse Page project for children and youth aimed at supporting their literacy development. Joanne was not only well-organized, but was always very accessible and accommodating, and a most innovative problem solver. Joanne has also worked with many of our educators in developing grade-specific serials that connect with the Ontario elementary and secondary curriculum. She is a beautiful and engaging writer who inspires in others a love of reading and writing. Joanne has a kind and generous spirit that builds up those around, and makes anything possible. 
Marnie Jadon

Media and Communications Manager, Hamilton Wentworth Ctholic Distric School Board

Joanne is passionate about education and literacy and advocates on behalf of students. She is a skillful, creative writer and approaches curriculum development with enthusiasm and attention to detail. Multi-tasking comes naturally to Joanne as does public speaking.
Diana Frate

Marketing/Promotions Manager, The Hamilton Spectator

I worked closely with Joanne when she ran the Newspaper in Education (NIE) program at The Hamilton Spectator. Joanne was most helpful in showing me how to format my novel for her audience and lent her creative mind to best accomplish that. She has a firm grasp of both the publishing and writing side of the equation and I would recommend her highly as a freelance researcher/writer on the digital and print ends of the spectrum.

Her experience, both as a teacher and working for educational publishing companies, was invaluable to the task of reworking my novel as a serial in The Spectator. As a result of the serialization of ‘Shroomville: Mystery at Hedgehog Hill,’ a publisher became interested in my book, and added it to his titles.

Ron Dennis

Retired journalist, writer, editor and corporate communicator

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