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To wear or not to wear? That is the question. To joyfully dig and rake and mound the soil with unadorned hands reveling in the texture, weight and colour of the numerous particles that lodge themselves beneath my fingernails? Or to don a protective layer in the form of fabric or rubber gardening gloves, thereby rendering zero touch with the soil and in fact zero connectivity with the very soul of the soil?

For me, I choose the former. I thoroughly enjoy digging in the dirt sans gloves. Perhaps it is a throwback to childhood days when my brother and I cheerfully made mud pies or “chocolate” drinks with soil dug up from my mom’s garden. Or perhaps it is the satisfaction I feel knowing that working the soil with my bare hands will soon result in glorious edibles or a profusion of colour in the form of flowers, grasses and ground covers. Whatever the reason, I just feel more in tune with my gardens when I feel the soil with my fingers and palms.

What about you?

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