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Re-structuring and redundant. I don’t like these words. I don’t like reading them. I don’t like writing them. And, I certainly don’t like having them applied to me!

But that’s what happened recently. The company I had worked for and hoped to retire from in a few years was re-structuring. I and my position were declared redundant.  It made me feel like I was no longer of use, that I had gone past my best before date and that the hours and projects I had spearheaded were of no consequence.

I admit, I was saddened, upset and then angry. I still am to a certain extent. But, once I realized focusing on those negative emotions was becoming self-destructive to my spirit, a thought hit me. This could be the opportunity I had hoped for. Maybe, just maybe, this was when I could finally branch out on my own and do what I had always dreamed of doing: writing.

Baby steps at the moment and despite some occasional feelings of self-doubt I am forging ahead. I have begun my own business called, Words on Point, Insightful Writing Services.

My hope is to work with others to assist them in developing innovative and dynamic texts that meet their needs.

As time goes on, I hope to keep you updated about how things are going. I also hope you catch your dreams.